Achieving net zero: How responsible British companies can help the UK achieve its net zero goals

The COP26 summit in Glasgow was seen by some as the last chance to keep the goal of limiting global temperature rises, as per the Paris Agreement, within reach. In a year where climate change related disasters were felt across the globe, COP26’s aims were to secure global net zero by mid-century and keep 1.5 degrees within reach by accelerating the phase-out of coal; curtailing deforestation; expediting the switch to electric vehicles; and encouraging investment in renewables. This meeting summarised what was agreed at COP26 as it pertains to business, before exploring how UK business can play its part in helping the UK reach its net zero goals. The meeting discussed issues such as what steps businesses can take, why they should take them, and how governments across the UK can support businesses in achieving those goals.


Our guest speakers at this meeting were: Harry Bowcott, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company; Tom Cumberlege, Associate Director at The Carbon Trust; and Tom Thackray, Programme Director for Decarbonisation at the CBI.

Meeting documents

APCRG Report - Achieving net zero (103k)

Carbon Trust - Net Zero Transition plans v2 (613k)