Is well-being a sensible objective for governments and employers?

On 17 July the Group discussed whether the promotion of well-being is a sensible objective for governments and responsible businesses. The guest speakers were Dr Mark Williamson, Director of Action on Happiness, and Glen Everett, who is leading the Office of National Statistic’s (ONS’s) work to develop measures for well-being, at the Prime Minister’s request. The ONS published three articles reporting progress in the Measuring National Well-being programme: Where we live; Health; and Subjective Well-being on 24 July. Earlier in the month the ONS had published an article on education, skills and well-being. Having taken account of 1800 responses to the consultation on proposed domains and headline measures, the ONS has now issued a revised set of measures for monitoring National Well-being and some interactive tools that allow mapping (by region or Local Authority area) and distribution analysis of the subjective well-being data. More data will be published in November, including a “state of the nation” report.


Meeting documents

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