Achieving thriving intergenerational workplaces

On 11 March the Group held a joint meeting with members of the Intergenerational Futures All Party Parliamentary Group to discuss how we can best ensure that the UK has thriving intergenerational workplaces which make best use of the talents of all employees. The guest speakers were Tim Drake, Head of Talent Management at Hudson UK; Brian Beach, Researcher at the International Longevity Centre-UK; and Steve Robinson, Chief Executive of The Beth Johnson Foundation. Tim spoke about a very interesting report, The Great Generational Shift, published by Hudson last year, which provides insights into the views and attitudes of different generations and how they interact, including some of the challenges associated with intergenerational workplaces. Brian Beach spoke about the demographic changes taking place in the UK and the implications of this for the workplace. He referred to the recent ILC Missing Million report, which explains that 1 million people have left the workforce before pension age for different reasons and shows that the estimated cost of older workers’ early exit from the labour market is some £88 billion, the equivalent of 5.6% of GDP in 2014. Steve Robinson spoke about the work of the Beth Johnson Foundation, a 40 year old charity which has become a global leader on Intergenerational Practice.


Meeting documents

Tim Drake - Hudson UK (March 2015) (605k)

Steve Robinson - Beth Johnson Foundation (March 2015) (855k)

Brian Beach - ILC UK (March 2015) (354k)

APCRG Minutes - Thriving Intergenerational Workplaces (March 2015) (74k)