Corporate Reputation, Crisis Management & Public Trust

Time 16 Dec 2015 10:45-12:15
Venue Macmillan Room, Portcullis House

At the Group’s last meeting of the year, members discussed corporate reputation, crisis management and public trust with Sir Win Bischoff, Chair of the Financial Reporting Council, and Kamal Ahmed, the BBC’s Business Editor. The Officers decided to hold this topical meeting following the recent scandals and crises which have engulfed Tesco, Volkswagen and TalkTalk and the guest speakers had illuminating things to say about the lessons that could be derived from such incidents. Among other issues, Sir Win called for better reporting against the principles of the Stewardship Code from signatories to it and emphasised the importance of good governance in establishing a good culture within an organisation. Kamal Ahmed suggested that corporate culture is one of the most important issues for our business leaders today and he explained how at a time when issues can go global within seconds of emerging opinions can solidify incredibly quickly, so the window for response to crises is very small. This meeting followed immediately on from a brief Extraordinary General Meeting, when Flick Drummond was elected as a Vice-Chair of the APCRG, succeeding Nick Hurd who had been re-appointed to Government at the end of November.


Meeting documents

APCRG Minutes - EGM and Corporate Reputation, Crisis Management and Public Trust meeting (90k)