Responsible Business Champions reception

Time 6 Jul 2016 12:15-14:00
Venue Attlee Suite, Portcullis House, Westminster

 This APCRG held this reception to celebrate the achievement of all the Constituency Responsible Business Champions, nominated by MPs from across the UK under the Group’s Responsible Business Champions scheme. APCRG Co-Chair, Baroness Greengross, welcomed members and guests to the reception and thanked National Grid for supporting the scheme. She also thanked Baroness Altmann, the Minister with responsibility for the Fuller Working Lives strategy, for stepping in to present the Group’s award because the Business Secretary had had to fly to India at short notice. Joss Clarke of National Grid spoke briefly about National Grid’s commitment to responsible business practice and to say how pleased it is to support the APCRG’s Responsible Business Champion scheme. APCRG Co-Chair, Jonathan Djanogoly MP, described how the Responsible Business Champion scheme works; thanked MPs for taking part; and commended all the Constituency Champions on their work, especially those companies shortlisted for the Group’s national award. He then announced that Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd had been selected by the Parliamentary judging panel as the APCRG National Responsible Business Champion 2016. Baroness Altmann presented the award to Martyn Evans, Executive Director of Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd and spoke about the importance of responsible business practice, including diversity and the significant economic contribution which older workers can make to individual companies and the UK’s economic growth. Martyn Evans spoke briefly as he accepted the award and David TC Davies, the MP for Monmouth, spoke briefly to congratulate Alun Griffiths on winning the award and to thank the Group for introducing it.


Meeting documents

APCRG Minutes - Responsible Business Champions Reception (6 July 2016) (57k)

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