AGM/Reconstitution meeting

Time 4 Jul 2017 16:00-18:00
Venue Television Interview Room, House of Lords

The APCRG brought forward its 2017 AGM, due to be held in October, so that the Group could be reconstituted as early as possible in the new Parliament. The Parliamentary members conducted the formal business and discussed the Group’s forward programme. It was agreed that following the Group’s planned meeting on corruption in July, the Group would discuss diversity and inclusion focussing on older workers in October. The Group’s annual Responsible Business Champions reception, postponed from July because of the general election, will now be held on 22 November 2017 and a representative of every Constituency Responsible Business Champion nominated by MPs this year will be invited to join members at it. Members re-elected the Group’s Officers with one change: Alex Chalk MP replaces Flick Drummond as a Vice-Chair. Flick Drummond, whose support for the Group was much appreciated, lost her Portsmouth South seat in the general election.


Meeting documents

APCRG Minutes - AGM 2017 (43k)

APCRG Programme 2017-2018 (July 2017) (54k)

APCRG 03-05-2017 closing statement (31k)

APCRG accounts 2016 (49k)