News for members

January 2021
28/01/21 Green wash – CMA finds 40% of global firms’ claims could be misleading
26/01/21 Government review of employment rights legislation
25/01/21 International Adaptation Action Coalition launched
22/01/21 Skills for Jobs White Paper published
19/01/21 CMA calls for information on use of algorithms & competition
19/01/21 Government announces reforms to Prompt Payment Code
19/01/21 Labour calls for updated code of practice as employers increase digital surveillance
18/01/21 Peers question Government on Airports National Policy Statement
13/01/21 £135m funding boost for T level courses
12/01/21 Raab tells MPs companies must check China supply chains for human rights abuses
11/01/21 UK commits £3 billion UK climate finance to support nature
11/01/21 Chancellor’s statements on economy & Government support schemes
11/01/21 Agreement on Climate Change, Trade and Sustainability
December 2020
30/12/20 EU-UK free trade agreement
23/12/20 Government responds to streamlined energy & carbon reporting consultation
19/12/20 MPs call for adult skills revolution to foster new culture of life-long learning
17/12/20 UK Government publishes Net Zero Review interim report
16/12/20 Scottish Government publishes updated Climate Plan
15/12/20 UK Government proposes changes to public procurement rules
14/12/20 UK Government publishes Energy White Paper & consultations
14/12/20 CCC publishes Sixth Carbon Budget & calls for a just transition strategy
12/12/20 Climate Ambition Summit raises ambition on road to COP26
09/12/20 Lifetime Skills Guarantee update
08/12/20 UK Government review of gambling laws
04/12/20 Government consults on reform of “unfair” employment contracts
November 2020
30/11/20 EC reports on EU carbon market & overall progress on climate action
27/11/20 Government acts to improve digital competition
26/11/20 EAC reports on e-waste & circular economy
18/11/20 Government invests £12 billion in support of UK green industrial revolution
16/11/20 UNGC supports mandatory human rights due diligence
11/11/20 Welsh Government invests in apprenticeships
10/11/20 FRC reports on climate reporting
10/11/20 Government consults on total ban of online advertising of HFSS foods
10/11/20 Public sector procurement of food inquiry
09/11/20 UK Sovereign Green Bonds & mandatory climate-related financial disclosures
05/11/20 Young Persons Guarantee
03/11/20 Gambling Commission consults on customer interaction with remote operators
October 2020
27/10/20 Scottish Government launches new inward investment plan
27/10/20 Tackling exploitation in garment factories in the UK
22/10/20 ASA & CAP consult on stricter rules for gambling adverts
22/10/20 FCA & PRA fine Goldman Sachs International £96.6 million
20/10/20 FRC consults on auditors’ standards in relation to fraud
16/10/20 CCC welcomes UK Government commitment to publish net zero strategy
07/10/20 CCC reports on Scotland’s progress towards net-zero
06/10/20 Conservative Party Conference
September 2020
28/09/20 Liberal Democrat Party Conference
23/09/20 Lifetime Skills Guarantee
22/09/20 Labour Party Conference
16/09/20 Calorie labelling on alcohol consultation later this year
15/09/20 Brexit developments – the Northern Ireland Protocol & UK Internal Market Bill
10/09/20 Climate Assembly UK publishes final report & MPs write to Party Leaders
07/09/20 Labour Party calls for targeted extension of furlough scheme
07/09/20 PHE publishes new voluntary calorie guidelines & salt reduction targets for food industry
01/09/20 Scottish Government’s Programme for Government 2020-21
August 2020
26/08/20 DWP consults on large occupational pension schemes’ climate risk management
25/08/20 Al used to calculate exam results leads to widespread concern
25/08/20 Protecting rainforests – UK will legislate to enforce supply chain compliance
21/08/20 Woodland Carbon Guarantee scheme – new funding available
19/08/20 Defra policy paper sets out process for developing indicative environment targets
17/08/20 Government responds to CCUS consultation
03/08/20 Reviews of EU energy efficiency & renewable energy Directives
03/08/20 Economic Affairs Select Committee launches Covid-19 & employment inquiry
01/08/20 Support services launched for apprentices made redundant
July 2020
31/07/20 Peers call for stronger powers for Parliament to scrutinise trade deals
30/07/20 Government legislates to protect employment rights of furloughed workers
20/07/20 Preparing school-leavers for work in post Covid economy
20/07/20 Trade Bill
20/07/20 EC seeks feedback on proposals to end “green-washing”
03/07/20 New guidance published to support roll out of T-levels
June 2020
30/06/20 Covid-19 update
29/06/20 Peers report on technology & trust
28/06/20 PAC critical of DCMS & Gambling Commission oversight of gambling in UK
25/06/20 CCC reports on progress in reducing UK emissions
25/06/20 Church of England pension fund Transition Pathway Initiative
25/06/20 Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020
24/06/20 SMC reports on apprenticeships
22/06/20 EU progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals
16/06/20 UNGC celebrates 20 years & measures progress against 10 Principles & SDGs
16/06/20 Scotland’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions to 2018
11/06/20 Peers debate need for a sustainable recovery from Covid crisis
10/06/20 SMC reports on Government action on its recommendations
09/06/20 SDGs - PM urged by 100 organisations to “build back better”
02/06/20 Blueprint for inclusive economic recovery launched by Scottish Government
01/06/20 UK Emissions Trading System proposals published
May 2020
28/05/20 COP26 – new dates announced
27/05/20 EU recovery plan launched
27/05/20 EU-UK trade talks & Northern Ireland/Ireland Protocol
22/05/20 ASA reports on children’s exposure to alcohol & gambling adverts
21/05/20 Peers debate businesses’ contribution to tackling C-19
21/05/20 Clean Growth Fund launched
21/05/20 Government questioned on post-lockdown guidance on workplace safety
20/05/20 Labour “deeply concerned” by new findings on apprenticeship starts
19/05/20 UK Global Tariff – new guidance published
12/05/20 UK-USA trade talks begin
10/05/20 Covid-19 secure workplaces vital part of UK’s Recovery Strategy
07/05/20 Scotland’s Low Emissions Zones delayed
06/05/20 CCC sets out 6 principles for a resilient, green recovery
April 2020
29/04/20 Responsible tax policies & Covid-19 support
29/04/20 Food industry extends efforts to support vulnerable people
27/04/20 Peers report on IR35 & Taylor reforms
24/04/20 New online platforms offer free skills courses
08/04/20 FCO's role in blocking foreign asset stripping in the UK
03/04/20 C-19 Business Pledge
March 2020
30/03/20 EU-UK trade negotiations
27/03/20 Coronavirus Act 2020 & other Government Covid-19 measures
27/03/20 Development of Euro 7 emission standards for cars, vans, lorries & buses
26/03/20 UK carbon footprint 2007-2017
24/03/20 Government action in response to Coronavirus (Covid-19)
24/03/20 CMA launches Covid-19 market monitoring taskforce
20/03/20 Business Select Committee Chair raises questions on transition to EVs
20/03/20 Delivering audit reform – new Select Committee inquiry launched
17/03/20 Airport expansion & the future of aviation in the UK
16/03/20 Government consults on care leave proposal
16/03/20 Government to introduce neo-natal leave & pay
12/03/20 Peers debate well-being as a key national performance indicator
12/03/20 Treasury Committee inquiry into decarbonisation & green finance
11/03/20 Budget 2020
11/03/20 EC launches updated Circular Economy Action Plan
11/03/20 EU competitiveness & the transition to a circular economy
05/03/20 EC consults on gender pay gap measures
05/03/20 Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill
02/03/20 MPs debate airport expansion in context of climate change
02/03/20 UK-USA trade objectives published by Government
February 2020
28/02/20 CMA finds evidence of serious harm in leasehold market
27/02/20 COP26 private finance agenda launched
13/02/20 Government reshuffle
08/02/20 Women’s progression in the workplace
05/02/20 Parker review progress report reveals very slow progress on BAME progression
04/02/20 PM sets out new ambition for EVs
03/02/20 Future UK-EU trade relationship
January 2020
28/01/20 SME involvement in the apprenticeship levy
24/01/20 Davos – Sustainability dominates WEF agenda despite Trump scepticism
23/01/20 EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill enacted
23/01/20 CCC report on land use
23/01/20 Parental bereavement leave & pay introduced
22/01/20 Scotland’s First Minister welcomes work on well-being
22/01/20 Natural capital tool launched to help protect the environment
21/01/20 ICO launches guidance to protect children’s privacy online
20/01/20 Queen’s Speech includes 7 Brexit-related Bills
15/01/20 European Green Deal
15/01/20 Tech Talent Charter – supporting diversity & inclusion in the tech sector
09/01/20 FRC calls for improved governance & reporting to improve trust in business
08/01/20 ICO consults on draft direct marketing code of practice
08/01/20 ICO consults on draft direct marketing code of practice
06/01/20 FTSE 100 CEOs paid 117 times more than the average worker in 2018
06/01/20 Government reviews implementation of IR35 rules
05/01/20 New homes in Scotland to have low carbon heating by 2024
November 2019
06/11/19 Dissolution of Parliament & APCRG meetings
October 2019
18/10/19 Brexit update
18/10/19 Queen's Speech 2019
18/10/19 SNP Conference
18/10/19 Business supports Every Mind Matters mental health campaign
18/10/19 Scottish Government decides fracking incompatible with climate policies
September 2019
30/09/19 DCMS Committee reports on immersive & addictive technologies
30/09/19 Prudential fined nearly £24m for failures relating to non-advised annuities sales
27/09/19 EU Presidency drafts Circulate Economy 2 strategy
27/09/19 FRC says transparency reporting by auditing firms is ineffective
25/09/19 Scottish Parliament passes Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Bill
25/09/19 Ofcom reports on loyalty penalty in broadband market
25/09/19 “Men as Change Agents” board to lead work on diversity & inclusion
24/09/19 CCC says UK net-zero strategies for shipping & aviation ‘must cap growth in demand’
24/09/19 Labour & Liberal Democrats aim for UK zero net emissions by 2030 & 2045
24/09/19 Second Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme published
18/09/19 BEIS Committee reports on automation & the future of work
16/09/19 Labour Shadow Secretary promises better enforcement of employment rights
10/09/19 Scotland’s Future Skills action plan published
August 2019
29/08/19 Scottish Green Party launch Green New Deal for Scotland
27/08/19 Labour calls for a ban on fracking after more earthquakes
22/08/19 S&T Select Committee reports on technologies for meeting net zero
21/08/19 Furore continues around FTSE 100 CEO pay packages
08/08/19 IPCC report on climate change & land
07/08/19 WG consults on 20 year vision for sustainable development in Wales
05/08/19 Select Committee calls for mandatory disclosure of pension scheme costs & charges
02/08/19 Treasury Select Committee reports on FCA remit & powers
01/08/19 Pensions Regulator acts to protect employees against “shape-shifting” employers
July 2019
31/07/19 FRC fines hit record as it tackles poor quality audits
30/07/19 MPs call for shift in enforcing the Equality Act away from individual action
25/07/19 Reducing the environmental and social impact of fast fashion
23/07/19 Major international companies commit to ambitious climate targets
22/07/19 Government responds to maternity & pregnancy discrimination consultation
21/07/19 Government will legislate to tackle misuse of NDAs in the workplace
19/07/19 Ofwat sets out proposals for major improvements in water sector
19/07/19 Government consults on new employment rights & enforcement body
16/07/19 CRBC Reception 2019
15/07/19 Government consults on reducing ill health-related job loss
10/07/19 CCC says Government must demonstrate it is serious about net zero target
09/07/19 Transparency in supply chains consultation
04/07/19 Apprenticeships debated by Peers
03/07/19 UK unveils Green Finance Strategy to drive progress towards net-zero goal
02/07/19 Parliamentarians announce 2019 National Responsible Business Champion award short-list!
01/07/19 Women on Boards
June 2019
27/06/19 Review of UK progress towards the UN SDGs
26/06/19 New alliance calls for a duty on employers to prevent sexual harassment
25/06/19 Southern Water to pay £126m following Ofwat investigation
19/06/19 EC publishes guidelines & TCFD calls for more “decision useful” climate-related financial disclosure
19/06/19 Government plans to ensure small businesses get paid on time
18/06/19 EAC publishes Government response to its report on fast fashion
12/06/19 Government will implement UK net zero emissions by 2050 target
11/06/19 Government response to Future of Audit report published
11/06/19 Select Committee reports on use of NDAs in discrimination cases
10/06/19 EAC calls for an end to taxpayer support for fossil fuel projects from 2021
05/06/19 Treasury Committee to consider decarbonisation of the UK economy & green finance
03/06/19 DCMS support for social impact investment
May 2019
29/05/19 MPs debate financial & ethical risks of pension funds’ investments in fossil fuels
23/05/19 Social value of public procurement & Civil Society strategy
22/05/19 Government to ban plastic straws, stirrers & buds
22/05/19 Office for Environmental Protection
22/05/19 Independent Review Team publishes final report on Modern Slavery Act
22/05/19 PAC concludes apprenticeship reforms are failing to deliver
17/05/19 GCA evidence on retailers adherence to Code
15/05/19 £25m to support development of zero emission transport technologies
14/05/19 Consultation on UK carbon pricing post Brexit
14/05/19 Encouraging employers to be “Disability Confident”
13/05/19 Government responds to Select Committee report on Bribery Act 2010
09/05/19 European Council adopts conclusions on EU implementation of UN SDGs
06/05/19 Government consults on proposals to reform corporate transparency requirements
01/05/19 FRC consults on revised standards for investment reporting
01/05/19 CCC recommends net zero GHG emissions target by 2050
01/05/19 FCA launches review of financial advice market
April 2019
30/04/19 Pubs Code and Pubs Code Adjudicator consultation
30/04/19 National Living Wage & National Minimum Wage increases
30/04/19 Apprenticeship programme progress report published
29/04/19 Corporate governance & trust in business
25/04/19 BEIS Select Committee reports on carbon capture and storage in the UK
23/04/19 Opposition Party Leaders agree common approach to climate change
23/04/19 Apprenticeship levy spending on apprenticeships
23/04/19 FCA publishes feedback statement on duty of care discussion paper
18/04/19 CMA reports & Brydon calls for views on future of audit
17/04/19 Labour Shadow Chancellor welcomes Carney warning on climate-related financial risks
08/04/19 Online Harms White Paper published for consultation
02/04/19 BEIS Select Committee report on the future of audit
March 2019
11/03/19 Accounting for social value in public procurement
04/03/19 EC reports on implementation of Circular Economy Action Plan
01/03/19 Peers ask Gove to strengthen environmental governance
01/03/19 Transforming Rehabilitation NAO highlights reform failings
February 2019
28/02/19 Scottish Government launches Fair Work Action Plan
28/02/19 Working towards better reporting guidelines for SDGs
26/02/19 Kingman report on FRC effectiveness published
21/02/19 UK involvement in EU ETS post Brexit
21/02/19 House of Lords EU Energy & Environment Select Committee inquiry
20/02/19 Scotlands Climate Change Adaptation Programme 2019-2024 consultation
19/02/19 Government consults on major proposals to reform waste system
19/02/19 UN PRI will require members to report on climate risks
19/02/19 DCMS Select Committee reports on social media, disinformation & fake news
19/02/19 EAC reports on fashion industry sustainability
13/02/19 CAP acts to protect children from irresponsible gambling adverts
12/02/19 Supermarket supply chains & human rights
07/02/19 Employment rights & non-disclosure agreements
06/02/19 Select Committee Chairs take stock a year on from Carillion collapse
January 2019
31/01/19 Harnessing the power of data exchange for social good
31/01/19 EAC publishes interim report on sustainability of fashion industry
30/01/19 FRC consults on strengthened Stewardship Code
30/01/19 FCA seeks views on effective stewardship
30/01/19 UNGC encourages business to invest in partnerships to achieve SDGs
30/01/19 MPs conclude social media companies must be subject to legal duty of care
29/01/19 2019 National Responsible Business Champion scheme
25/01/19 Stronger protection proposed for pregnant women & parents returning to work
24/01/19 Senior executives pay still causes concern as new rules come into force
22/01/19 Independent Review of the Modern Slavery reports again on transparency in supply chains
17/01/19 Government response to gender pay gap report published
13/01/19 Shadow Chancellor welcomes report recommending radical regulatory reform
10/01/19 WG welcomes support for ethical employment in supply chains Code
08/01/19 Tackling modern slavery in supply chains
December 2018
19/12/18 CMA recommends action to tackle loyalty penalty charges
18/12/18 Government announces action to tackle sexual harassment at work
18/12/18 Government launches review of audit standards
18/12/18 New strategy increases producer responsibility for waste
17/12/18 Good Work Plan published as Government commits to improved workers rights
14/12/18 Advertising regulator bans use of harmful gender stereotypes in ads
14/12/18 COP24 climate talks
10/12/18 FRC publishes code for large private company corporate governance
06/12/18 Justice Secretary welcomes business support for efforts to cut re-offending
05/12/18 Welsh Government encourages businesses to consider employing veterans.
03/12/18 WG launches Inclusive Apprenticeship Action Plan
November 2018
27/11/18 Gove anticipates measures to improve England's resilience to droughts
26/11/18 New social value procurement rules announced by Government
22/11/18 Closing the disability employment gap
19/11/18 Artificial intelligence: governance & ethical uses
15/11/18 Business Secretary sets out his vision for energy market: green, cheap & secure
13/11/18 European Parliament adopts Clean Energy for All Europeans package
13/11/18 Government responds to MPs' concern about delay in reducing maximum FOBT stake
13/11/18 New inquiry into interaction between vulnerable customers & financial services
13/11/18 FTSE companies urged to appoint more women leaders
06/11/18 5 new Advisory Business Councils set up by Government
06/11/18 CMA & Government to examine personalised pricing
06/11/18 Bereavement leave to become mandatory by 2020
01/11/18 UKRN reports on work of energy & water companies to support vulnerable customers
October 2018
30/10/18 FRC launches major project on the future of corporate reporting
29/10/18 Autumn Budget 2018
25/10/18 Home Office warns large businesses to report on modern slavery
19/10/18 BEIS Select Committee calls for ban on petrol & diesel cars from 2032
19/10/18 Committee Chair says complacency about age discrimination must end
15/10/18 Government publishes green tips & seeks CCC advice on net zero limit
11/10/18 Employee share ownership & participation in corporate governance
11/10/18 Race at Work Charter & consultation on ethnicity pay reporting launched
09/10/18 FRC announces new approach to audit
08/10/18 UK progress towards SDGs Government call for information on projects
08/10/18 UK Parliamentarians respond to IPPC climate change report
07/10/18 MPs say too many apprentices are being let down
04/10/18 Parental leave, prompt payment, flexible working & pay transparency
September 2018
28/09/18 Smart Data Review launched to help consumers who incur loyalty penalties
26/09/18 Call for more useful climate risk-disclosure corporate reporting
25/09/18 UK agrees principles for tackling modern slavery in supply chains
17/09/18 FRC says FTSE 100 firms need to improve diversity reporting
14/09/18 Government will not extend gender pay gap reporting
12/09/18 Labour would give gig economy workers full employment rights
12/09/18 Packaging producer responsibility: monitoring plan & guidance
11/09/18 Economic justice & corporate responsibility
11/09/18 Global Britain: human rights & the rule of law
10/09/18 EC reports on workplace burnout
10/09/18 UNGC launches the digital learning platform to support business sustainability
August 2018
26/08/18 Consultation on insolvency & corporate governance
08/08/18 New Civil Society strategy envisages major role for responsible businesses
02/08/18 BEIS Select Committee report on gender pay gap
01/08/18 New guidance for companies to report their impact on SDGs
July 2018
31/07/18 FCA will take no further action on RBS GRG
30/07/18 Disability employment gap narrowing
24/07/18 Government publishes White Paper on Withdrawal Agreement Bill
23/07/18 NAO report on producer responsibility for packaging recycling
18/07/18 Streamlined energy & carbon reporting to be introduced from April 2019
17/07/18 FRC publishes revised UK Corporate Governance Code
17/07/18 MPs say older people failed by weak enforcement of inclusion policies
16/07/18 Government names & shames 239 employers underpaying workers
12/07/18 Government publishes White Paper on future UK-EU relations
12/07/18 Select Committees publish responses to Carillion report
09/07/18 MPs & Peers approve regulations increasing corporate reporting requirements
04/07/18 APCRG announces National Responsible Business Champion 2018
04/07/18 Government calls for evidence on employment of ex-offenders
01/07/18 EAC calls for sustainability to be embedded in financial decision making
June 2018
27/06/18 FTSE 350 lag FTSE 100 firms in terms of women on boards
25/06/18 GCA reports big improvement in retailers' treatment of suppliers
25/06/18 Government makes apprenticeship levy more flexible
21/06/18 EAC inquiry into UK environmental principles & governance post-Brexit
19/06/18 Tackling harmful gender stereotypes in advertising
14/06/18 Fathers in the workplace
13/06/18 Opposition parties welcome Court ruling on rights of gig economy workers
12/06/18 Consultation on Wates corporate governance principles for large private companies
12/06/18 Government pledges support for social impact investment in UK
12/06/18 UK's biggest firms will have to publish pay ratios
06/06/18 CCC urges Government not to bequeath climate burden to future generations
05/06/18 Government agrees final proposal for Heathrow expansion
May 2018
31/05/18 Scottish Government reports on climate change adaptation
31/05/18 Health Committee urges Government to insist food industry acts on obesity
31/05/18 Women on Boards
25/05/18 NAW Committee reports Welsh Government will miss 2020 emissions targets
17/05/18 Government consults on Clean Air Strategy, NO2 & environmental governance
17/05/18 CAP consults on new rule to ban harmful gender stereotypes in adverts
17/05/18 Government acts to tackle gambling-related harm
17/05/18 MPs find too many carers cannot combine caring & work
16/05/18 EAC reports on green finance
16/05/18 MPs report on Carillion critical of directors, auditors & Government
15/05/18 Brexit Bill update
14/05/18 CR Minister sets out Government action to encourage responsible business practice
09/05/18 MPs urge Government to accept EAC recommendations on plastic waste
08/05/18 Large firms asked to assume joint responsibility for suppliers employment policies
02/05/18 Brexit update - Government suffers series of defeats on EU (Withdrawal) Bill
02/05/18 EC proposes new rules on single-use plastics
02/05/18 Treasury Committee will examine service disruption at TSB
April 2018
30/04/18 Government setting up new Hub for Business Integrity
30/04/18 Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative - UK annual report
26/04/18 HC Select Committee Chairs force vote on Customs Union
18/04/18 HL Committee calls for ethics to be at the core of AI development & use
18/04/18 European plastics strategy for the Circular Economy
18/04/18 Defra supports Ofwat action to uphold corporate responsibility in water industry
18/04/18 Government welcomes Select Committees' report on modern employment
17/04/18 Government announces independent review of Financial Reporting Council
17/04/18 Government welcomes announcement on shipping' emissions
17/04/18 1500 employers miss gender pay gap reporting deadline
16/04/18 Peers debate support for lifelong learning in England
07/04/18 Government publishes proposals for a new aviation strategy
04/04/18 Future UK-EU relationship Brexit Select Committee sets 15 key tests
March 2018
28/03/18 Former Education Secretary calls on business to support new social mobility pledge
27/03/18 Treasury Sub-Committee inquiry on tax avoidance & evasion
23/03/18 4 Select Committees issue joint report calling for urgent action on air quality
22/03/18 Review of Scottish Business Pledge & Fair Work Action plan promised
21/03/18 EC consults on public reporting by companies framework
20/03/18 Committee calls for enhanced rights for fathers in the workplace
20/03/18 Government consults on insolvency & corporate governance
14/03/18 Gambling firms' social responsibilities & vulnerable customers
13/03/18 Spring Statement
08/03/18 MPs debate energy efficiency & the Government's Clean Growth strategy
06/03/18 PHE calls on food industry to help reduce excessive calorie consumption in England
06/03/18 Scottish Government publishes climate change emissions reduction plan
05/03/18 EAC Chair asks pensions funds to clarify how they manage climate risk
05/03/18 European Environment Ministers welcome circular economy package
04/03/18 Women's representation on FTSE boards & gender pay gap figures
02/03/18 Brexit - PM & 5 Cabinet members set out UK views
02/03/18 Apprenticeships - Government will look "very carefully" at impact of levy after 60% fall
01/03/18 Water supply disruption - MPs express concern about companies's performance
February 2018
27/02/18 EC & UK publish position papers on EU-UK transitional arrangements
27/02/18 Government consultation to support a new civil society strategy
23/02/18 Audit companies' evidence on their work with Carillion published by Select Committees
22/02/18 Compliance with reporting requirements on modern slavery
22/02/18 Treasury Committee publishes report on RBS's treatment of vulnerable SME customers
21/02/18 Progress on ethnic minority progress in the workplace to be reviewed
20/02/18 Gambling Commission fines William Hill for social responsibility & AML failings
19/02/18 Government to act on late payment & grossly unfair terms and practices
16/02/18 Government response to Grocery Code Adjudicator consultation published
15/02/18 EU "fitness check" on public reporting by companies
12/02/18 EAC inquiries into heatwaves & adapting to climate change & 25 Year Environment Plan
12/02/18 Select Committee says UK energy market is "broken" & price cap Bill is justified
12/02/18 Shared parental leave & pay new guidance & awareness campaign launched
07/02/18 EAC Chair accuses Government of "dragging its feet" on plastic waste
07/02/18 Government responds to Taylor review of modern working practices
07/02/18 Nicky Morgan urges FRC to revise Corporate Governance Code proposals to spur action on gender pay
05/02/18 Defra Secretary expresses concern about corporate behaviour of some water companies
02/02/18 Business Action Platform for the Ocean
January 2018
28/01/18 Corporate responsibility for resisting cyber attacks
21/01/18 Government launches new Office for Product Safety and Standards
18/01/18 Peers debate UK leadership on green finance
18/01/18 Select Committees refer Ryanair allegations to HMRC & regulator
17/01/18 CCC says Clean Growth Strategy is ambitious, but not sufficient to hit targets
17/01/18 LGA reports on modern slavery
17/01/18 MPs review RBS's treatment of SMEs
16/01/18 MPs debate "junk food" advertising & childhood obesity
12/01/18 JCHR publishes Governments' responses to its report on human rights & business 2017
11/01/18 MSPs debate Carer Positive employer recognition scheme
10/01/18 Select Committees to consider case for alcohol minimum unit pricing in England
09/01/18 Government launches 25 Year Environment Plan
December 2017
20/12/17 Paying SME suppliers promptly
15/12/17 NAO reports on Government efforts to tackle modern slavery
14/12/17 Commission welcomes agreement on implementation of 2030 climate objectives
12/12/17 Compromise agreement reached on the Circular Economy Package
12/12/17 Scotland's Carbon Footprint 1998-2014
08/12/17 Employers failing to pay NMW named & shamed
08/12/17 Safeguarding measures for EU Emissions Trading System agreed by Member States
06/12/17 MPs call on banks to do more to prevent and tackle online fraud
05/12/17 FRC publishes revised Corporate Governance Code for consultation
November 2017
22/11/17 Parliamentarians announce APCRG National Responsible Business Champion 2017
21/11/17 MPs call for public country by country reporting from largest UK companies
21/11/17 Provisional agreement reached on EU Emissions Trading System
21/11/17 CMA alleges pharma company abused its position
21/11/17 CMA calls for reform of care home sector
21/11/17 FCA issues final report on RBSs treatment of vulnerable business customers
21/11/17 UK Supreme Court upholds Scottish Governments right to introduce MUP for alcohol
21/11/17 Government publishes plan to tackle disability employment gap
21/11/17 Hampson-Alexander calls for more women to hold senior positions in FTSE 350 firms
21/11/17 Taylor review Select Committees call for legislation & tougher enforcement
17/11/17 UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP) 23
16/11/17 W&P Select Committee launches inquiry into employment support for carers
13/11/17 EC consults on ESG factors in investment decision-making
October 2017
31/10/17 Consultation on gaming machines & social responsibility measures follows review
30/10/17 PM calls on business to improve workplace equality by extending flexible working
24/10/17 European Commission 2018 Work Programme
24/10/17 Government consults again on airport expansion in light of new evidence
24/10/17 Scottish Government announces ban on fracking in Scotland
24/10/17 Reducing corporate tax evasion & record corporation tax receipts
23/10/17 Corporate reporting improving but could be better according to FRC
23/10/17 FCA reports on RBS's treatment of vulnerable business customers
20/10/17 Government considering improving employment rights of pregnant women
19/10/17 MPs debate UK corporate governance, money laundering & tax evasion (Azerbaijan)
12/10/17 Government proposes streamlined energy & carbon reporting
12/10/17 Government publishes Clean Growth Strategy
12/10/17 Government responds to CCC on carbon budgets, climate adaptation & mitigation
04/10/17 Government questioned on effectiveness of slavery & human trafficking statements
September 2017
30/09/17 Brexit update
29/09/17 European Union (Withdrawal) Bill
27/09/17 Party conferences
23/09/17 Uber denied licence to operate in London due to lack of corporate responsibility
22/09/17 Government responds to Select Committee report on corporate governance
21/09/17 CCC reports on Scotland's climate change plans
18/09/17 EU launches global Alliance for Torture-Free Trade
18/09/17 Pensions Regulator campaigns to emphasise importance of good governance
18/09/17 Tackling the disability employment gap
14/09/17 Government support for low carbon economic growth
12/09/17 Protecting energy consumers against unfair prices
12/09/17 Encouraging long-term decision-making through corporate governance
12/09/17 MPs press Government on Taylor review of modern employment practices
11/09/17 Inclusive Economy Partnership
11/09/17 NEST calls for higher environmental & corporate governance standards
08/09/17 Select Committee Chairs highlight concerns about proposed changes to listing rules
05/09/17 Programme for Government (Scotland) 2017-18
August 2017
21/08/17 Government urges organisations to act on cyber security threats
18/08/17 Sale of Green Investment Bank completed
17/08/17 Defra reports reveals mixed progress in reducing GHG emissions from agriculture
16/08/17 Commission seeks views on fairness in EU food supply chain
16/08/17 Government "names & shames" 230 employers for failing to pay NMW
15/08/17 FRC consults on non-financial reporting guidance
10/08/17 Mayor consults on a draft Environment Strategy for London
July 2017
28/07/17 Independent review of building regulations & fire safety announced
21/07/17 Environment Secretary signals his ambition for a "Green Brexit"
21/07/17 Government calls for evidence for new UK aviation strategy
19/07/17 Grocery Code Adjudicator - statutory review published
17/07/17 Peers call for anti-corruption strategy & action on unexplained wealth orders & registers
13/07/17 Brexit legislation introduced in the House of Commons
12/07/17 Education Secretary commends business supported schemes to tackle social mobility
11/07/17 Good Work - Taylor Review of employment practices published
05/07/17 Government suppliers support prompt payment code
04/07/17 MPs call for more durable consumer products & recommend voluntary labelling scheme
03/07/17 Ofgem announces measures to protect vulnerable customers
June 2017
29/06/17 CCC calls for urgent delivery of new plan to ensure UK meets climate commitments
29/06/17 UK national statistics on carbon emissions published
28/06/17 SMC reports Government policies contributed little to social mobility 1997-2017
27/06/17 Pensions Regulator acknowledges it could have acted faster & more clearly on BHS
26/06/17 EC adopts guidelines on the disclosure of environmental and social information
21/06/17 Queen Speech & Government agreement with DUP on support in Parliament
21/06/17 Government supports Social Mobility Employer Index launch
20/06/17 Brexit negotiations begin
16/06/17 FSS welcomes report on food choices & calls for a "retail revolution"
13/06/17 Scottish Government announces new climate change proposals
13/06/17 Scottish Government announces new climate change proposals
09/06/17 General election results in a hung Parliament
07/06/17 OECD initiative on international tax avoidance agreed by 76 countries
06/06/17 International disappointment about US decision to withdraw from Paris Agreement
May 2017
03/05/17 APCRG Responsible Business Champions scheme reception postponed due to general election
02/05/17 Work & Pensions Select Committee calls for end of bogus self-employment practices
01/05/17 Home Affairs Committee accuses social media companies of shameful behaviour
April 2017
29/04/17 Labour Party announces proposals for the workplace
27/04/17 Criminal Finances Act 2017
26/04/17 European Commission presents Pillar of Social Rights
24/04/17 Race in the workplace
21/04/17 Business Select Committee reports on corporate governance
19/04/17 Government response to EAC report on air quality and noise
18/04/17 Addressing the disability employment gap
13/04/17 CCC advises Welsh Government on climate change targets
05/04/17 JCHR calls for better legislation & enforcement to protect human rights
05/04/17 Government proposes a register for beneficial ownership of UK property
March 2017
31/03/17 UK reaffirms commitment to responsibility in the extractive industries sector
31/03/17 Apprenticeship levy comes into force
30/03/17 Article 50 triggered by UK Government
30/03/17 PHE unveils sugar reduction programme, confirming ambitious targets for food industry
29/03/17 Social media companies removing extremist content from their websites
28/03/17 Tesco to compensate investors for market abuse & pay 129m fine
28/03/17 Women & Equalities Select Committee to consider older people in the workplace
23/03/17 MPs discuss social mobility in the UK
23/03/17 Financial Reporting Council proposes simpler financial reporting standards
20/03/17 CMA launches crackdown on cartels with up to 100,000 for whistleblowers
16/03/17 Brexit Bill enacted
16/03/17 MSPs debate Scottish Government's plans for tackling climate change
16/03/17 British Banks accused of money laundering
15/03/17 EHRC makes clear that staff wearing religious symbols cannot be targeted for dismissal
14/03/17 Nicola Sturgeon says she will seek second referendum on Scottish independence
09/03/17 Government urges business leaders to make more progress on diversity & inclusion
09/03/17 Welsh Government Code of Practice for Ethical Employment in Supply Chains
08/03/17 Budget 2017
03/03/17 BEIS Committee says Government's industrial strategy lacks a strategic framework
01/03/17 Peers inflict first defeat on Government on Brexit Bill
February 2017
28/02/17 McGregor-Smith review sets out the potential value of BME workplace progression
28/02/17 Commons Education Select Committee reports concerns about multi-academy trusts
23/02/17 EAC reports on the environmental impact of Heathrow Airport
22/02/17 Apprenticeships, technical and further education
21/02/17 FRC consultation on Corporate Governance Code
21/02/17 Women & Equalities Committee disappointed by Government response on gender pay
15/02/17 Record number of employers named & shamed for underpaying workers
14/02/17 FRC to review culture & governance at audit firms
14/02/17 HL EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee reports on implications of Brexit
12/02/17 W&P Select Committee responds to Government corporate governance consultation
08/02/17 Peers debate effectiveness of the CMA in supporting consumers
03/02/17 Work & Pensions Select Committee reports on disability employment gap
02/02/17 APCRG announces launch of 2017 Responsible Business Champions scheme
02/02/17 European Commission to ratify Montreal Protocol amendment
02/02/17 Fuller working lives: a partnership approach
01/02/17 Government moves swiftly ahead to seek Parliamentary approval for Brexit
January 2017
31/01/17 Government provides guidance on new late payment reporting legislation
26/01/17 Government response on pregnancy & maternity discrimination published
25/01/17 Select Committees express concern about discriminatory workplace dress codes
24/01/17 BEIS consults on Modern Industrial Strategy & commits 28m to energy innovation
24/01/17 MPs debate UK decarbonisation & carbon capture and storage
24/01/17 BEIS Committee corporate governance inquiry
19/01/17 Scottish Government reports on Climate Change Plan & Energy Strategy and consults
18/01/17 Defra publishes UK Climate change Risk Assessment 2017
18/01/17 MPs debate proposed sale of Green Investment Bank
18/01/17 CEO pay & pay ratios comes under renewed scrutiny
16/01/17 DFID responds to Select Committee report on tackling corruption overseas
16/01/17 Women & Equalities Select Committee launches inquiry into fathers & the workplace
11/01/17 FRC reports on developments in corporate governance
09/01/17 PM highlights role employers can play in tackling mental illness
04/01/17 CEO pay & pay ratios comes under renewed scrutiny
04/01/17 HCL briefing paper on shale gas & fracking
December 2016
14/12/16 OECD & IBA to develop joint guidance to help lawyers tackle corruption
14/12/16 Corporate governance and social responsibility
14/12/16 FSB welcomes recommendations on climate-related financial disclosure
14/12/16 Greening Government commitments
13/12/16 Corporate treatment of loyal customers
12/12/16 EU Select Committee publishes series of reports on implications of Brexit
12/12/16 Non-Financial Reporting Regulations 2016
09/12/16 Government publishes guidance for establishing & developing academy trusts
08/12/16 Attorney General flags up forthcoming call for evidence on criminal corporate liability
08/12/16 Peers debate rights and responsibilities in corporate sector
08/12/16 CAP extends TV ban on promotion of HFSS foods to social media, cinema & print
07/12/16 APCRG Responsible Business Champions scheme cited in new CSJ report
05/12/16 Tax relief to be expanded for corporate support for grassroots sport
November 2016
29/11/16 Corporate governance review launched by Government
23/11/16 Autumn Statement
22/11/16 Government questioned on delivery of LHR third runway within UK 2050 carbon budgets
17/11/16 Brexit negotiating objectives & potential trade models for UK to be examined by MPs
16/11/16 State of the Nation 2016 - Commission issues stark warning on social mobility in UK
14/11/16 PM spells out her vision of more responsible capitalism
14/11/16 Wolf report: UK technical education is "in tatters" & university funding unsustainable
10/11/16 Government sets out plans for clean energy investment
08/11/16 Government calls for evidence on performance of Grocery Code Adjudicator
08/11/16 Hampton/Alexander review of women's progression in the workplace
08/11/16 Pension Funds and Social Investment - call for evidence
03/11/16 UNEP publishes 2016 Emissions Gap report
03/11/16 Government loses High Court case on right to trigger Article 50
02/11/16 Paris Agreement enters info force & UN Summit in Marrakech considers next steps
02/11/16 Parker review of diversity on FTSE boards published
October 2016
31/10/16 DWP publishes Work, Health & Disability Green Paper
31/10/16 Ministers comment on Brexit implications of Nissan investment in Sunderland
31/10/16 Peers question Governor of Bank of England
27/10/16 LGA & Headteachers welcome decision to drop academisation of all schools
26/10/16 Government announces decision to approve third runway at Heathrow
25/10/16 Government announces its apprenticeship funding policy
25/10/16 MEPs support resolution on ensuring respect of human rights by companies abroad
25/10/16 European Commission publishes work programme for 2017
25/10/16 Scottish Government publishes enterprise & skills review conclusions
20/10/16 MPs debate BHS governance, related failures & call for company law reform
20/10/16 MPs debate rights of EU nationals in UK
20/10/16 LGA calls for broadband USO with social tariffs
20/10/16 Lords EU Committee reports on Parliamentary scrutiny of Brexit process
13/10/16 CCC calls for concrete action by UK to meet its climate change commitments
13/10/16 Cridland review of State Pension Age also considers support for older workers
05/10/16 Conservative Conference clarifies Brexit process & sets priorities for Government
04/10/16 EU ratification of Paris Agreement means global implementation threshold has been met
02/10/16 Prime Minister commissions review of employment practices
September 2016
30/09/16 Support for the Better than Zero campaign
27/09/16 Scottish Government statement on proposed annual climate change targets
16/09/16 BIS Committee launches corporate governance inquiry
14/09/16 ECHR welcomes business initiative tackling maternity & pregnancy discrimination
08/09/16 Peers debate Changing banking for good
08/09/16 G20 China Summit focuses on sustainable development, BEPS & post-Brexit trade
07/09/16 UK on course to miss 2020 renewable energy targets
07/09/16 EU Committee & Sub-Committees launch inquiries on key issues arising post Brexit
07/09/16 USA & China commit to joining Paris climate pact
06/09/16 Scottish Government Work Programme 2016-17
05/09/16 David Davis makes first major statement on preparations for leaving the EU
01/09/16 EAC calls for stronger commitment from Government to sustainable transport
01/09/16 Does excessive executive remuneration undermine employee motivation?
August 2016
31/08/16 MPs call for better workplace protection for pregnant women & young mothers
30/08/16 NAO investigates protection of vulnerable consumers in regulated industries
27/08/16 PM launches audit of public services to investigate racial disparities
26/08/16 Scottish Government publishes labour market strategy
16/08/16 Government supports largest offshore wind farm development at Hornsea
12/08/16 Government consults on new apprenticeship funding system
12/08/16 CMA publishes final report on retail banking market for SMEs
08/08/16 Skills Minister launches new plan for technical education
08/08/16 FSB launches review of implementation of G20/OECD Principles of Corporate Governance
03/08/16 Ofgem remedies for energy market
02/08/16 FCA consults further on PPI complaints rules & guidance
02/08/16 State of the Global Climate report published
02/08/16 OECD & UK updates: partnerships to be included in country by country reporting
July 2016
31/07/16 PM makes tackling modern slavery a priority for Government
25/07/16 EAC launches inquiry into UK implementation of SDGs
22/07/16 Parliament considers implications of Brexit for UK
21/07/16 FRC argues corporate culture underpins business sustainability
18/07/16 CCC warns that UK must prepare now for 'inevitable changes' of climate risks
07/07/16 CCC report on compatibility of shale gas and carbon budgets & Government response
06/07/16 G7 Leaders confirm commitment to Paris targets & anticipate end to fossil fuel subsidies
06/07/16 CCC sets out a strategic approach to carbon capture and storage in UK
06/07/16 EC announces next steps towards increasing tax transparency
June 2016
30/06/16 Government accepts CCC's advice on Fifth Carbon Budget (2028-2032)
28/06/16 Tackling skills shortages in the UK post Brexit
28/06/16 Brexit victory in EU referendum & Prime Minister to step down in autumn
28/06/16 MEPs welcome EC proposal for an anti- tax avoidance directive
25/06/16 Government suppliers encouraged to sign up to Armed Forces Covenant
24/06/16 CMA publishes final report following energy market investigation
21/06/16 Welsh Government food strategy aims to support global responsibility
20/06/16 Both House of Parliament recalled to pay tribute to MP killed in her constituency
20/06/16 HC Select Committee concludes Britain is making insufficient progress on UN SDGs
17/06/16 Culture, Media & Sport Select Committee publishes cyber security inquiry report
16/06/16 JCHR launches inquiry into UK implementation of UNGPs on business & human rights
13/06/16 HC Science & Technology Committee calls for action on digital skills crisis
10/06/16 European Commission adopts new Skills Agenda
May 2016
31/05/16 Scotland achieved 2020 GHG emissions targets in 2014
26/05/16 Queen's Speech
25/05/16 Companies long-listed for APCRG National Responsible Business Champion award 2016
25/05/16 Anti-Corruption Summit 2016
23/05/16 BHS & responsibility of professional advisers in sales of companies
16/05/16 Experts call for employers & universities to do more to address STEM skills shortages
16/05/16 EHRC launches new campaign to help prevent maternity discrimination in workplace
13/05/16 UK action to implement the UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights
13/05/16 PAC reports on mis-selling of financial services
09/05/16 Government announces changes to plans to make all schools academies
05/05/16 Support for vulnerable customers & transparency in the water sector
03/05/16 Apprenticeships for young people & the apprenticeship levy
April 2016
26/04/16 National Living Wage & employee contracts - EDM 1381
20/04/16 Peers urge better protection for users of online platforms in Digital Single Market
18/04/16 Financial Reporting Council guidance on going concern basis of accounting
17/04/16 Prime Minister sets out personal & Government action on tax avoidance and evasion
14/04/16 Labour Party welcomes BP shareholders' decision as sign of ethical shareholder action
12/04/16 Commission proposes country by country reporting for multinational companies
12/04/16 Labour Party strongly opposes Government plans to "academise" all schools
06/04/16 EU referendum campaign starts
March 2016
30/03/16 Work & Pensions Select Committee announces disability employment gap inquiry
24/03/16 Government and business works in partnership to boost social mobility
24/03/16 National Apprenticeship Week
23/03/16 Government funding for carbon capture and storage in the UK
22/03/16 Women and Equalities Select Committee reports on gender pay gap
22/03/16 EHRC reports on discrimination against pregnant women
21/03/16 EHRC reports on gender diversity at board level in FTSE 350
19/03/16 Budget 2016
16/03/16 European Council agreement on country by country tax reporting by MNCs
10/03/16 Implementation of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive
10/03/16 Mandatory reporting of climate risks
03/03/16 ECCC calls on Government to restore investor confidence in energy sector
February 2016
29/02/16 European Commission unveils EU-USA Privacy Shield
29/02/16 Volkswagen pressed by Transport Secretary to treat UK consumers fairly
24/02/16 Women at the top - Women & Equalities Select Committee announce short inquiry
24/02/16 MPs debate multinational companies' UK corporation tax payments
17/02/16 SNP welcomes business engagement in schools
16/02/16 BIS consults on implementation of EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive
12/02/16 BIS publishes updated guidance for employers on apprenticeship standards
12/02/16 Government consults on mandatory gender pay gap reporting draft regulations
12/02/16 Inquiry into apprenticeships announced by Commons Select Committee Sub-Committee
10/02/16 ECCC criticises Govt's withdrawal of CCS funding & calls for new CCS & gas strategies
10/02/16 Peers debate EU alcohol strategy & UK Government action on alcohol-related harm
08/02/16 PM speaks on prison reform & says Civil Service will "ban the box"
07/02/16 New review to examine representation of women at FTSE 350 executive level
05/02/16 Business Secretary establishes review into BME progression in the labour market
04/02/16 Peers debate food waste
03/02/16 Action to tackle gender pay gap in Scotland
03/02/16 MEPs urge Commission to table new gender equality strategy
02/02/16 MPs criticise gender pricing
02/02/16 Support for employees' health and wellbeing
01/02/16 Employers encouraged to support employees with caring responsibilities
January 2016
28/01/16 31 OECD member countries reach agreement on corporate tax transparency
26/01/16 Grocery Code Adjudicator finds Tesco breached Code
25/01/16 MPs to investigate employment barriers & discrimination faced by Muslims at work
21/01/16 Women's contribution to business, the economy and future UK economic growth
21/01/16 Government announces new strike thresholds for important public services
16/01/16 European Commission consults on non-financial reporting guidelines
15/01/16 DECC publishes UK's second biennial report on climate change
14/01/16 FRC commends overall standards of corporate governance & stewardship
14/01/16 Work, wages & wellbeing in the Scottish labour market - inquiry report published
12/01/16 BIS responds to consultation on enforcement of employees' rights
06/01/16 Executive pay and income inequality
December 2015
17/12/15 FRC provides new tools to support clear & concise narrative reporting
14/12/15 FRC seeks improved reporting by signatories to the Stewardship Code
12/12/15 Paris UN Climate Change Conference 2015
10/12/15 Contribution of business to tackling major challenges in the UK
08/12/15 European Ministers adopt conclusions on business taxation
02/12/15 Commission proposes European Accessibility Act
02/12/15 Labour Party plans kitemark for "good businesses"
02/12/15 Commission adopts new Circular Economy Package
01/12/15 Commons Environmental Audit Committee reports on Heathrow expansion
01/12/15 Water affordability & support for vulnerable customers
01/12/15 FRC calls for transparent disclosure of tax risks in company reports
November 2015
26/11/15 Autumn Statement
26/11/15 CCC publishes its advice on fifth carbon budget
25/11/15 Government resets energy policy
20/11/15 Apprenticeships & skills in the construction sector
18/11/15 Commission consultation on work-life balance to improve gender equality
17/11/15 UKCES reports on women's educational attainment & experience in the workplace
11/11/15 UK Government responds to EC consultations on circular economy & waste markets
09/11/15 Met Office data: earth temperature exceeds 1C above pre-industrial levels for first time
09/11/15 UK sets out its position on EU ETS reform
08/11/15 Scottish Government calls for a ban on "junk" food advertising before 9pm
06/11/15 MPs debate preparations for UN climate change conference in Paris
05/11/15 WRAP announces clothing sector is on track to meet 2020 targets
04/11/15 Commission publishes Renewable Energy roadmap for 2030
03/11/15 Chancellor sets out plans to improve cyber security in the UK
02/11/15 Encouraging fair practices in UK companies' international supply chains
02/11/15 Living Wage Week
October 2015
31/10/15 EAC commissions NAO to audit spending review process for environmental impact
30/10/15 New statutory guidance formalises Scottish Government's fair work procurement policy
30/10/15 Transports Ministers update MPs on VW follow up action
29/10/15 Latest progress reports shows UK 25% target for women on boards has been met
29/10/15 Advertising Standards Authority governance & advertising self-regulation
28/10/15 Home Office publishes guidance on transparency in supply chain reporting
26/10/15 Cybersecurity & encryption of data
22/10/15 Business action to reduce its contribution to climate change
22/10/15 Peers debate availability & quality of apprenticeships & mismatch with skill needs
21/10/15 EC orders 2 Member States to recover minimum 20m tax from Fiat & Starbucks
17/10/15 SNP Conference
15/10/15 EAC takes evidence on diesel emissions & air quality in wake of VW scandal
15/10/15 CCC reports on scientific & international context for advice on 5th Carbon Budget
08/10/15 OECD plans for reform of corporate taxes welcomed by G20 Finance Ministers
08/10/15 UNEP reports how global finance can be harnessed to support sustainable development
07/10/15 Conservative Party Conference
05/10/15 Working grandparents will be able to share parental leave by 2018
01/10/15 Business culture, public trust and internal audit
September 2015
29/09/15 Carney calls for greater transparency to protect value of carbon assets & financial stability
29/09/15 EU Audit Directive and Regulation implementation & new FRC consultation
28/09/15 UN agrees 17 sustainable development goals
25/09/15 Short consultation on draft apprenticeship standards
24/09/15 Committee on Climate Change asks Secretary of State to clarify low carbon policy
11/09/15 LEA Committee questions Chancellor on wide-ranging economic issues
09/09/15 SG questioned on plans for a Social Responsibility Levy for the drinks industry
03/09/15 Scottish Business Pledge
03/09/15 Scottish Government Programme 2015-16
01/09/15 Government strengthens enforcement of National Minimum Wage & National Living Wage
01/09/15 Scottish Government Programme 2015-16
01/09/15 Eurostat monitoring report of the EU's sustainable development strategy
August 2015
21/08/15 Government consults on apprenticeship levy & announces new industry standards
19/08/15 ASA publishes guidance on video advertising
18/08/15 Better protection for children from inappropriate music videos online
13/08/15 CMA publishes final order on pay day lending
13/08/15 TUC urges Prime Minister's Business Advisory Group to help protect employment rights
10/08/15 Scottish Government responds to fair work review & awards STUC 100,000
04/08/15 European Commission publishes work-life balance roadmap for consultation
04/08/15 DCMS publishes report on London 2012 legacy
02/08/15 Government responds to CMA report on the energy market
July 2015
31/07/15 CMA updates guidance on unfair contract terms
30/07/15 LPC seeks views on national minimum wage rates & national living wage 2017
29/07/15 Government calls for evidence on impact on employment of obesity & addiction
29/07/15 Modern Slavery measures come into force
28/07/15 David Cameron highlights international work to tackle corruption
27/07/15 HL Social Mobility Committee considers transition from school to workplace
26/07/15 BIS consults on proposals for Small Business Commissioner
21/07/15 Summer Budget 2015
16/07/15 CMA responds to Which? super-complaint on supermarket pricing & promotions
16/07/15 FRC response to Commission recommendations on corporate governance reporting
15/07/15 London City Airport wins 2015 APCRG National Responsible Business Champion award
15/07/15 BIS consults on proposed industrial relations reforms
14/07/15 PM commits Government to action on gender pay gap as consultation is launched
09/07/15 MEPs want systemic change to ensure progress towards circular economy
08/07/15 MEPs agree position on TTIP
08/07/15 MEPs support tax transparency, better governance & long-term shareholder engagement
07/07/15 CMA sets out case for energy market reform
06/07/15 Responsible and transparent investment by pension schemes
01/07/15 BIS & EHRC publish joint research findings on pregnancy & maternity discrimination
June 2015
30/06/15 EC launches action plan for fair and efficient corporate taxation in the EU
30/06/15 CCC 2015 progress report published
30/06/15 G7 countries aim to phase out fossil fuel use
30/06/15 Ethics and sustainability in fashion - EDM 225
29/06/15 TTIP debate postponed as MEPs table 100+ amendments to draft resolution
26/06/15 Zero-hour contracts
25/06/15 London Mayor supports call for 100 hours work experience for school pupils
25/06/15 MEPs and European Ministers consider proposals for promoting gender equality
24/06/15 HL Committee launches inquiry into anti-discrimination legislation
23/06/15 FCA & PRA announce new rules on executive remuneration
22/06/15 Scottish Parliament Committee inquiry into work, wages & wellbeing
18/06/15 Government announces new scheme to deliver apprenticeships in SMES
11/06/15 MPs debate food waste
10/06/15 Bank of England Governor declares age of irresponsibility in the City is over
04/06/15 MSPs debate Scotland's progress on tackling alcohol abuse
03/06/15 Blacklisting & use of public procurement to promote employment good practice
02/06/15 Illegal and unsustainable timber - EDM 65
May 2015
28/05/15 European Commission consults on circular economy
28/05/15 Government calls on FIFA President to step down amidst corruption allegations
27/05/15 Commission prepares for action plan on fairer corporation tax
27/05/15 Queen's Speech
27/05/15 Zero hour contracts legislation implemented
27/05/15 Scottish Government publishes report on business benefits of paying the living wage
26/05/15 Scottish Government launches new voluntary best practice code for companies
26/05/15 Agreement reached on EU ETS market stability reserve
22/05/15 FCA investment and corporate banking market study
21/05/15 MSPs criticise Network Rail decisions on executive pay
21/05/15 Bank of England consults on corporate governance
21/05/15 Scottish Apprenticeship Week
20/05/15 FCA fines Barclays 284.4 million for foreign exchange failings
20/05/15 MEPs vote for mandatory certification for certain conflict minerals & metals importers
19/05/15 UK General Election results
12/05/15 Prime Minister aims for 2m more jobs & 3m more apprentices 2015-2020
08/05/15 Consultation on code of ethics for public sector senior management
07/05/15 Conservative Party business related election commitments
07/05/15 Green Party business related election commitments
07/05/15 Labour Party business related election commitments
07/05/15 Liberal Democrat Party business related election commitments
07/05/15 Plaid Cymru business related election commitments
07/05/15 SNP business related election commitments
07/05/15 UKIP business related election commitments
07/05/15 Joint commitment on the environment & climate change by 3 major parties
April 2015
30/04/15 Responsible Business Week 2015
29/04/15 Rana Plaza - European Parliament resolution on supply chain working conditions
29/04/15 European Commission consults on gender equality policy
29/04/15 MEPs adopt resolution on EU alcohol strategy & call for calorie & warning labelling
28/04/15 DECC survey shows huge public support for renewable energy
22/04/15 Scottish Government announces new energy efficiency scheme to tackle fuel poverty
17/04/15 Scottish Fair Work Convention begins work
15/04/15 Welsh Government announces 10m project to support gender equality in the workplace
13/04/15 NIE review of youth training & workplace mentoring completed
05/04/15 Shared Parental Leave law becomes effective
March 2015
30/03/15 Dissolution of Parliament & general election campaign
27/03/15 Scottish Affairs Committee publishes further report on blacklisting
26/03/15 UK greenhouse gas emissions fall by record amount between 2013 & 2014
25/03/15 Budget 2015
25/03/15 Industrial decarbonisation and energy efficiency roadmaps to 2050
25/03/15 Education Select Committee reports on apprenticeships and traineeships
19/03/15 Corporate tax avoidance - Opposition Day debate
18/03/15 EC publishes tax transparency package to tackle corporate tax avoidance
17/03/15 UK concludes chairmanship of global business best practice initiative
17/03/15 Assembly Members welcome WG announcement of climate change targets for Wales
16/03/15 Party Spring Conferences
13/03/15 Communities Minister calls on businesses to support local communities & high streets
13/03/15 CCC welcomes Party Leaders' joint pledge on climate change
11/03/15 A new vision for older workers
10/03/15 Scotland Energy Jobs Taskforce
09/03/15 Corporate disclosure of personal information
09/03/15 Corporate reporting of pay differentials
06/03/15 BIS research paper: shareholder voting, directors' pay & reporting
05/03/15 Peers' report on EU alcohol strategy calls for tougher labelling rules
04/03/15 FCA draws attention to European Banking Authority draft guidelines on remuneration policies
February 2015
26/02/15 European Parliament sets-up Special Committee on Tax Rulings
25/02/15 Treasury Committee takes evidence on HMRC & HSBC
24/02/15 Party leaders sign joint commitment to tackle climate change
23/02/15 Green Energy Group Ministers call for EU ETS reform
20/02/15 Scottish Government consults on climate reporting by public bodies
18/02/15 Government supports business-led campaign to boost women's employment
17/02/15 ECCC report argues global climate deal must link Emissions Trading Systems
16/02/15 Labour Party publishes new business strategy
12/02/15 UKCES report highlights importance of work experience for young people
09/02/15 MPs debate tax evasion & tax avoidance facilitated by HSBC Swiss subsidiary
09/02/15 Scottish Government consults on new public procurement rules
06/02/15 Miliband warns tax havens to cooperate or face being blacklisted
06/02/15 PAC reports on role of accountancy firms in corporate tax avoidance
02/02/15 OECD reports on social impact investing
02/02/15 OECD presents report on tax base erosion to G20 Ministers in Istanbul
January 2015
29/01/15 APCRG Responsible Business Cards sent to MPs
29/01/15 APCRG launches Responsible Business Champions initiative
29/01/15 Water companies' social tariffs
29/01/15 UNGC Guide to Corporate Sustainability & Global Opportunity Report 2015
28/01/15 DECC publishes encouraging results from "global climate calculator"
28/01/15 UK food and drink manufacturers slash CO2 emissions by 35%
27/01/15 Commons Education Select Committee publishes report on academies and free schools
27/01/15 Commons Education Committee publishes report on academies and free schools
21/01/15 Tackling in-work poverty in Scotland and Northern Ireland
21/01/15 Government and industry collaborate on rail supply chain strategy
20/01/15 EC publishes latest figures for women on boards across EU
20/01/15 Motor industry & Government provide joint funding to boost skills development
18/01/15 UK publishes first Anti-Corruption Plan
15/01/15 FCA - Transparency Directive implementation (reports on payments to governments)
15/01/15 FRC reports on compliance with Corporate Governance Code and Stewardship Code
15/01/15 Implementation of company filing and corporate transparency measures
13/01/15 Pensions Ministers calls on business to help develop skills of older workers
09/01/15 EAC launches inquiry into Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
09/01/15 TUC responds to Government evidence on NMW abuse of young people
08/01/15 Tackling NMW abuses
December 2014
22/12/14 Older workers to be helped to overcome age discrimination
18/12/14 Government supports new corporate human rights benchmark
18/12/14 FRC consults on impact of EU legislation on auditing and ethical standards
18/12/14 Ofgem publishes report on suppliers' social obligations in 2013
16/12/14 EC 2015 work programme and "kill list" proposals
16/12/14 NIE Schools Minister welcomes role for business in education
15/12/14 Big Society Capital launches match-funding challenge for social investment
12/12/14 Scottish Government puts better collaboration at heart of plans for youth skills and jobs
11/12/14 FRC publishes new guidance for people preparing annual reports for 2015
11/12/14 PM announces better protection for children online
11/12/14 Water companies' social tariffs
10/12/14 UNGC issues new call for action on corruption
10/12/14 New careers and enterprise company for schools to work closely with employers
09/12/14 EC publishes results of EU Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy consultation
09/12/14 European Council amends Parent-Subsidiary Directive to tackle corporate tax avoidance
08/12/14 FRC consults on streamlined proposals for reporting within groups
01/12/14 BIS Committee reports on business-university collaboration
November 2014
26/11/14 Living Wage will play a "central" part in Scottish Governments action on poverty
25/11/14 Extractive industries payments to Governments - MPs & Peers debate regulations
19/11/14 Businesses responding positively to call for more family-friendly working practices
17/11/14 Former members of PCBS issue progress report on reform of the banking sector
14/11/14 Labour would toughen penalties for aggressive corporate tax avoidance
13/11/14 Nick Clegg announces a dozen Social Mobility Business Compact 'Champions'
13/11/14 New public procurement plan for food and catering services
13/11/14 MSPs debate progressive workplace policies
12/11/14 FCA announces 1.1 billion fines for FX manipulation by banks
11/11/14 Better off Britain - UK employers call for action on living standards and low pay
05/11/14 MSPs debate Living Wage
05/11/14 19m available to support innovative businesses tackling climate change
03/11/14 Accredited Living Wage employers double this year to over 1000
03/11/14 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 5th Assessment Synthesis Report published
October 2014
29/10/14 Unpaid internships
29/10/14 FCA suspends its Tesco inquiry as SFO launches criminal investigation
28/10/14 EU on track to meet its 2020 climate & energy targets
27/10/14 Nuisance calls consultation
26/10/14 European Banking Authority reports that vast majority of EU banks are financially sound
24/10/14 Social Value Act consultation
24/10/14 Greening the Europe 2020 Strategy
24/10/14 European Leaders reach agreement on 2020-2030 climate & energy policy framework
23/10/14 Calls for stability in skills policy & improved alternatives to university for young people
20/10/14 ECCC publishes Government responses to low carbon innovation & climate change reports
15/10/14 EFRA Committee inquiry into food security, demand, consumption & waste
14/10/14 FRC corporate reporting review commends larger companies reporting
14/10/14 London employers lag behind in terms of apprenticeships
13/10/14 Large companies will be required to report on supply chains & slavery
05/10/14 Government takes further action on aggressive corporate tax planning
01/10/14 FRC & FCA respond to Tesco trading announcement of overstated profits
September 2014
29/09/14 European Council endorses non-financial reporting Directive for large companies
23/09/14 Barclays fined nearly 38 million for putting 16.5 billion of client assets at risk
22/09/14 UKCES & UUK report on business collaboration with universities
22/09/14 G20 Finance Ministers discuss OECD proposals for country-by-country reporting
19/09/14 Transposing the 2014 EU procurement directives
17/09/14 Updated Corporate Governance Code published by FRC
16/09/14 Independent report on academy sponsorship published by Education Select Committee
10/09/14 EAC critical of Government record on environmental issues
09/09/14 Elliott Review final report calls for a new Food Crime Unit
09/09/14 UN Climate Summit 2014
04/09/14 EAC calls for evidence on Sustainable Development Goals
August 2014
29/08/14 Smaller companies reporting: implementing EU Accounting Directive 2013 consultation
20/08/14 Trailblazer Apprenticeships schemes receive wide-ranging corporate support
19/08/14 Public Services (Social Value) Act - information & resources
07/08/14 EC consults on the impact of International Financial Reporting Standards
05/08/14 Employers support new technical schools
July 2014
24/07/14 CMA publishes issues statement for energy market investigation
22/07/14 EU Data Protection law Peers report on a 'right to be forgotten'
22/07/14 Ofcom publishes report on internet safety measures
18/07/14 CMA & FCA conclude banking sector is not working well for SMEs & personal customers
16/07/14 UK calls for major changes to EU ETS
09/07/14 EAC to consider England's progress in adapting to climate change examined
08/07/14 Alcohol industry pledges to take further action to tackle irresponsible drinking
08/07/14 Helping stamp out modern slavery in supply chains
07/07/14 EU moves towards a circular economy
01/07/14 Law Commission reports on fiduciary duties of investment intermediaries
June 2014
30/06/14 Acas produces new guidance as 20m people now have right to request flexible working
26/06/14 Becoming a Good Food Nation Scottish food & drink policy published
26/06/14 Government consults on standardised tobacco packaging draft regulations
25/06/14 Public Health Responsibility Deal - 2013/14 annual reports on progress published
24/06/14 WRAP calls on food industry to renew efforts to help customers reduce food waste
23/06/14 EU Foreign Ministers reach agreement on responsible sourcing of minerals
20/06/14 European Council agrees to close tax loophole for corporate groups
20/06/14 EC launches new standard to help social enterprises measure their impact
18/06/14 UK social investment market growing at 20% a year
17/06/14 CSPL calls for ethical standards for providers of public services to be formalised
16/06/14 Money-laundering, organised crime & responsible business practice
16/06/14 Employers involvement in education
12/06/14 Government announces Fair and Effective Markets Review
04/06/14 IT industry helps Government to train computing teachers
04/06/14 Queens Speech sets out legislative plans for final session of this Parliament
03/06/14 EU progress on GHG emissions brings 20% target within reach
May 2014
27/05/14 IMF Director says capitalism must change to regain trust and be sustainable
23/05/14 Barclays fined 26m by FCA
21/05/14 Council adopts new rules on markets in financial instruments & bank recovery & resolution
21/05/14 EC Communication on measures adopted to reform EU financial system
21/05/14 EC consults on implementation of the CCS Directive
19/05/14 Lambert report on banking standards published
16/05/14 E.ON to pay 12 million pound package following Ofgem mis-selling investigation
16/05/14 FCA calls on consumer credit firms to raise their advertising standards
15/05/14 Ed Miliband welcomes Kingsmill report on working conditions in the care sector
14/05/14 EU ETS emissions estimated to have fallen by 3% in 2013
13/05/14 GLA & NHS support healthier workplaces campaign
07/05/14 Government responds to Women in Science report & supports new Your Life campaign
01/05/14 Corporate responsibility and accountability in the care sector
01/05/14 Co-operative Governance Review
April 2014
30/04/14 UKs National Energy Efficiency Action Plan and Building Renovation Strategy published
30/04/14 Gambling Commission strengthens licence conditions & codes of practice
30/04/14 Government publishes plans for new gambling controls
29/04/14 Commission consults on achievements & shortcomings of its CSR strategy
28/04/14 Progress in delivering PHRD pledge on alcohol unit reduction
25/04/14 Energy labelling of products guidance published
24/04/14 FRC consults on proposed changes to the UK Corporate Governance Code
24/04/14 Transforming Rehabilitation: a summary of evidence on reducing reoffending
24/04/14 Government responds to consultation on company ownership, transparency & trust
24/04/14 European Resource Efficiency Platform calls for much greater resource productivity
19/04/14 Government plans tougher penalties for reckless directors
17/04/14 FCA set to implement new listing rules in May 2014
15/04/14 UK welcomes European Parliaments decisions on non-financial reporting
14/04/14 IPCC says climate change catastrophe can be avoided & action required is affordable
14/04/14 Calorie reduction pledge development tool launched for food industry
14/04/14 NCUB reports on collaboration between universities and businesses
10/04/14 Employers to have more influence on pupils careers under new DfE guidance
09/04/14 FRC welcomes Commissions recommendation on corporate governance reporting
08/04/14 MEPs support landmark environmental and social reporting legislation
03/04/14 Government minded to introduce standardised packaging for tobacco products
03/04/14 Government publishes responses to corporate responsibility consultation
02/04/14 ESC reports on the application of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in the UK
March 2014
31/03/14 Fair Tax Mark debate
31/03/14 UN IPCC releases second report on impact of climate change
28/03/14 Budget 2014
28/03/14 Government consults on greater transparency for payments made for extraction rights
27/03/14 Competition in the energy markets Ofgem proposes market reference to CMA
26/03/14 Commission recommendation on pay transparency and the gender pay gap
26/03/14 Women on Boards 2014
25/03/14 Online safety inquiry report published by CMS Committee
25/03/14 Ban on selling alcohol below cost approved by Peers
21/03/14 Furniture and carpet retailers change pricing practices after OFT investigation
20/03/14 BIS Select Committee launches inquiry into business-university collaboration
20/03/14 Banks & building societies to repay 149 million in interest paid by consumers
18/03/14 European Commission signals support for transition to circular economy
13/03/14 Bank of England consults on bonus clawback proposals
12/03/14 CMA announcement on banking investigation
11/03/14 Government consults on legislation for rectifying consumer disputes
08/03/14 Business Minister makes moral & business case for corporate social responsibility
06/03/14 EAC report on green finance warns of carbon bubble risk
04/03/14 FCA reports major improvements in banks sales incentives schemes
04/03/14 EU framework for climate & energy policy discussed by Energy & Environment Ministers
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